SWAT Physicians

Certified by the American Board of Surgery

SWAT Surgical Associates

The team of surgeons, all board certified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery, is available and ready to perform a wide range of procedures from minor excisions and biopsies to major abdominal surgery. 

SWAT Surgical Associates L.L.P. is the premier general and specialist surgery group in Lubbock, TX. Learn more about each doctor and their specialties. Common procedures include breast surgery, colon surgery, gallbladder surgery, hand surgery, hernia surgery, and weight-loss surgery. Each of our physicians is Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery. In addition, several members are further specialty focused in the fields of hand surgery, trauma surgery, and weight-loss surgery. Get to know your surgeon.

Meet our Physicians

Alfonso Barnard Barragan, M.D.
General Surgery | Hand Surgery
Charles V. Bayouth, M.D.
General Surgery | Trauma Surgery
Job Owen Buschman, M.D.
General Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery
Sammy Anthony Deeb, M.D.
General Surgery
Melinda Beth Nickels, M.D.
General Surgery | Trauma Surgery | Breast Surgery | Fecal Incontinence
Caleb R. Sallee, M.D.
Laparoscopic Procedures | Robotic Assisted Surgery